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By Stewart Christie 16 May, 2017

Ian was brought up in Fife, but finally settled in Edinburgh, with his wife and two sons. Before becoming a full-time novelist, he had a rather wide variety of character building jobs, such as a grape picker, taxman, alcohol researcher, hi-fi journalist, college secretary and punk musician-to name but a few. Now his immense passion and knowledge for music and writing go hand in hand. We had the great pleasure of Ian's company in the Oxford Bar for a quick pint and a catch up, after measuring him up in the store for his first Stewart Christie bespoke three-piece, in a soft grey lambswool tweed to be completed for the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where he will present various events in true Scottish style.

Name? Ian Rankin

Profession? Novelist

Do you usually complete your work and then get it published or have you got some novels that you’ve secretly shelved that you may finally release at a later date?

I've only got one unpublished novel - my very first. Unlikely ever to see the light of day. It was a not very funny comedy set in a Highland hotel. There is one novel, Westwind, which was published, but I was unhappy with. I've never allowed it to be reissued. 

Very interested to know what you are currently working on that we may look forward to?
This is a sabbatical year. I am tinkering and pottering, but not doing a novel. A few short stories, meetings about film and TV. Travelling to festivals far and wide to promote Inspector Rebus' 30th anniversary.

It’s incredible that Rebus has been translated into 22 different languages, have you ever read them in other languages? We understand you resided in France for a while. It must be quite a strange feeling to see them in French, not that you would read it, but is there anything that would make you read any of your novels again once you've written them?

Translated into 35 languages - I need to update the information available online! I lived in France for six years but it wasn't translated into French until after I'd moved back to the UK, which was a bit annoying. I only ever reread my novels when asked by my publisher to provide the introduction to some new edition. 

Where do you find your inspiration in Edinburgh for such crime stories? Do you have a few "favourite haunts" you like to go to and write, or are you one of those writers who is constantly inspired throughout the day, like Alexander McCall Smith, who is forever writing?

I write seldom. I'm certainly no McCall Smith. The man is a machine. I hang out in pubs, especially the Oxford Bar. I eavesdrop on conversations. I go for drinks with retired cops. I am also a news junkie, and often get ideas from newspaper reports and such like.

We know you have a great passion for music. In a recent interview with Tim Burgess at the book festival, we experienced your immense knowledge of artists and albums, it was an interesting talk. Would you host or partake in more of them this year?

Like most crime writers, I am a frustrated rock star. Putting so much music in my books has led me to form friendships with a host of musicians, which is a lovely bonus. I will be interviewing at least one musician at this year's festival - but it's under wraps at the moment.

By Stewart Christie 20 Apr, 2017

We spent the day with Dominic Le Moignan, a London based Actor and Creative Director up Arthur's Seat to test out the performance of his bespoke three-piece in a rifle green barathea.

By Stewart Christie 13 Apr, 2017

Scottish comedian and formally BBC Radio Scotland presenter, of 18 years', Fred MacAulay is a long standing and valued Stewart Christie customer. We spent the afternoon asking him a few questions about the comedy circuit and his lesser known passion for outdoor pursuits.

By Stewart Christie 13 Mar, 2017
Edinburgh model and Britain's Next Top Model contestant Simone Murphy, wishing to embrace her Scottish heritage and to celebrate her family tartan in a modern way, visited the Stewart Christie & Co. team at our Edinburgh workshop to be fitted with our first ever pair of Tartan Trews for ladies.
By Stewart Christie 28 Feb, 2017
We talk tweed, tailoring, tartan and music with the legendary Scottish, BBC Broadcaster, Journalist, Author, Musician, punk-at-heart and valued Stewart Christie & Co customer — Vic Galloway
By Stewart Christie 02 Feb, 2017
Parker Fitzgerald is a Photographer and owner at Ransom Limited. Parker recently married his now wife Melissa, in the US, wearing a bespoke Stewart Christie & Co. suit, commissioned from a distance, for his wedding
By Stewart Christie 12 Jan, 2017

Actor, Emun Elliott is our latest member of the Stewart Christie Gentleman’s club

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to the Stewart Christie Gentleman’s club. We spent a day enjoying some quality time with the talented and charming actor, Mr. Emun Elliott.

Emun was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, his father is of Persian descent and his mother is Scottish. He spent his formative years in Duddingston and Portobello, Edinburgh and attended George Heriot's School.

After attending the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, from which he graduated in 2005, Mr. Elliot's career has gone from strength to strength. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have seen him performing on the stage in the critically acclaimed play Black Watch, where he played Private Fraser. You may also know Mr. Elliot from his film and television projects where an extensive list of diverse roles make for an impressive resume. You can see Emun in Game of Thrones, Prometheus, Exodus, Filth, Threesome, Paradise and Star Wars, to name but a few hits.

We enjoyed a stroll with Mr. Elliot as he wore in his new, Stewart Christie & Co. The jacket fitted for Emun is in Harris tweed jacket with patch pockets. During our walk we took the opportunity to ask a few questions.
By Stewart Christie 22 Dec, 2016
Dr. Niall McGuinness is lead clinician and head of the academic programme for the MClinDent / DClinDent programme in orthodontics at the Edinburgh Dental Institute.
Dr. McGuinness is not only a very dapper dentist but he is also a keen follower of Chap Magazine and the music of  Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer,  
a ‘best dressed’ champion of the Harris Tweed Ride  and a valued customer of Stewart Christie & Co.
By Stewart Christie 08 Dec, 2016

Stewart Christie and Co. are very proud to announce a collaboration with the exceptional MacKenzie Leathers of Edinburgh. We speak to Simon Harvey Potts about his history with MacKenzie Leathers, who hand craft the very best leather goods and bags in Edinburgh, and our exciting future with them.

A Simon Harvey-Potts

Q Occupation?
A Leather craftsman (person)

Q Thinking back at the beginning of your apprenticship at Mackenzie Leathers, all those years ago, can you tell me the first thing you ever made?
A Oh...I think the very first item I made was a belt but the first bag was a traditional day sporran.

Q The craftsmanship of your work is really something to behold, did you have fine motor skills as a child? Do you think your son will follow in your foot steps?
A I've always been very artistic and struggled a bit at school with maths and English. I always knew I would would be working somehow with my hands. I feel incredibly lucky to have found my passion. I will definitely be encouraging my son to learn to make his first belt and of course will train him if he desires although I also don't want to project any future ideas onto him until he discovers his own passion, he's very artistic!

Q We are delighted to be collaborating with you, it's very important to Stewart Christie to be working with aunthenitcally British Brands and to keep crafts alive in Scotland. Do you have the same belief's and will that keep you manufacturing in the UK, even if you were given a large unrealistic order?
A I feel at our present moment in history we did loose quite a lot of knowledge and skills that was so readily accessible and available. It's definitely coming back and being valued as it should. I personally feel it is essential to keep it locally made in order to keep this high standard that we produce. Mackenzies will always be in Edinburgh.

Q With your skill and eye for detail does your passion to create extended beyond leather goods?
A Once upon a time I dreamt of making all manor of objects, clothing,hats,shoes etc. I have realised with time you do need to specialise your skills, although I always take on very bespoke projects every now and again to satisfy that deep creative core within.

Q What's the most exciting commission you've had to date?
A mmmm probably a bespoke zipped shirt case, it was stunning!

By Stewart Christie 17 Nov, 2016

Last sunny, Sunday evening in the heart of the Scottish capital, Stewart Christie & Co, Scotland's oldest bespoke tailors, welcomed the returning cast of the Trainspotting sequel, an historic alignment of two Edinburgh origin stories.

Trainspotting, Danny Boyle's vision of Irvine Welsh's seminal classic,  became a Scottish cultural phenomenon spanning two decades, while Stewart Christie & Co have been forging an enduring legacy for 300 years.

The Stewart Christie team were proud to host three of Britain's finest acting talents in a private bespoke suit fitting. After all where else would three of Danny Boyle's cast members come to be suitably attired? It is rare to find Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner & Jonny Lee Miller in the same place outside of filming and it was a pleasure to meet them, we're very excited to create some unique pieces for them.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly as we helped them choose some truly wonderful cloths for their suits. We were interested to hear the progress of their most recent project, Trainspotting 2, which is currently being filmed in Scotland and they listened intently as we shared with them our ethos; working closely with local suppliers and makers all of our products made within the UK and many within Scotland. We all agreed that supporting skilled workers within our own country is so important and why go elsewhere when you can have the finest of things made on your own doorstep.

Mr. Bremner, Mr. McGregor and Mr. Miller all readily accepted our exclusive invitation to become members of our Gentleman's Club which already includes some of the country's most interesting gentlemen.

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