The Team

Daniel Fearn

Title:Owner - Managing Director 
Known for: Hard work and charm 

Vixy Rae

Title: Owner - Creative Director 
Known for: being known by everybody

David Bassett

Title: Owner - Secretary 
Known for: his timeless elegance 

Andrew Blaikie

Title: Tailoring Consultant
Years of Service: 15yrs
Known for: his fine banter and traditional razor collection.

Trevor Pow

Title: Sales Consultant
Years of Service: 15yrs
Known for: his immaculate hand writing and knowledge of medals and regalia.

Terence McClelland

Title: Head Tailor & Master Cutter
Years of Service:20yrs
Known for: his pitch perfect singing voice.

Wiktor Ulewicz

Title: Tailor 
Years of Service: 11yrs
Known for: his love of whisky and football.

Anne Meikle

Title: Seamstress 
Years of Service: 28yrs
Known for: her many tales and love of squirrels and badgers.

Aneta Chalupka 

Title: Tailor
Years of Service: 5yrs
Known for: being a perfectionist and her winning smile.

Frances Mitchell

Title: Bookkeeper 
Years of Service: 7yrs
Known for: not missing a trick

Laura Meek

Title: Chief Photographer
Years of service: spring chicken
Known for: her passion and interest in film and anything vintage

David Thomson

Title: Cleaner 
Years of Service: 8yrs
Known for: being an early bird and never being seen.
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