Well Tailored, Mixed & Cut

Well Tailored, Mixed and Cut

The art of tailoring is one of strong attention to detail, finesse and expertise. A well tailored garment carries with it class and refinement. The quality poured into the preparation, design, measuring and fitting all comes down to the fine tuned handy work developed over years of training and practise. Writing cocktails and the art of mixology are also praised for the refined approach to detail, presentation and quality. It takes a generous amount of time to develop the skill exercised by the gentlemen above. To celebrate and show our appreciation for this kind of work, we collaborated with some of the finest, most skilled and ever genteel bartenders Edinburgh has to offer. They were elegantly styled in Stewart Christie garments as well as groomed, cut and styled on set by local hair experts, Stag Barber. The fine combination of class, style and detail amongst the excellence of the bartenders and barbers led to our stunning collection of portraits inspired by classic portraiture of the late 1800s. 

Photography: Laura Meek 
Hair: Stag Barber Co.
Gentlemen: Jono McDowell of Panda and Sons, Kyle Jamieson of Panda and Sons, 
Lachlan Rooney of Voodoo Rooms, and Cameron Burnett of Chop House
Styling: Vixy Rae
Location: The Stewart Christie Atelier

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