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The spring in Scotland is always like a rebirth of nature after the mourning of the winter months. The dead earth brings forward a plethora of vivid shades, and as the weather remains dank, the occasional fresh frosty mornings give air and clarity to the beginning of the year.
The tartan cloths wind down, after their outings for Hogmanay and Burn's Night, and as the year unfolds there are the influx of nervous (or not so nervous) young grooms, preparing for their forthcoming weddings. The trend for highland dress is still popular for the younger affluent Scots grooms, but the accent for the day wear is becoming more varied, and less stoic. The formal traditional highland wear black barathea look is ebbing towards a patterned tweed with a rich lining to accent and in some cases contrast the tartan in the kilt.
For evening wear the tartan 'trews' are a pleasant and distinctive replacement for a traditional dinner suit, and the black barathea jacket is again being replaced by a velvet shawl collared jacket in deep rich colours.
The early part of the year spells a renewed interest in the light and medium weight tweed cloths from the border regions. The lighter hues become more popular as the season progresses. Newer customers are discovering the benefits of the more traditional cuts which have a timeless elegance, and year on year provide better value than the passing fashion fads.

With Stewart Christie & Co. celebrating so many family tartans and tweeds, we tailor for special bespoke weddings and events throughout each calendar year. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our newly married couples, some of whom are shown in this editorial.

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